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  • Wine #1

    - I come from a place that was once called Scarbantia (during the Roman Empire).

    - The region I come from is famous for expensive dessert wines, fit for Kings.

    - The name of my primary varietal comes from the French word "froment", meaning "wheat".

  • Wine #2

    - Julius Cesar gifted the lands that I come from to the Roman soldiers of the 10th Legion.

    - I come from what is now the world's largest wine producing and vineyard area.

    - My native country is just next door, where I am called Mataro.

  • Wine #3

    - I come from what was once a medieval kingdom and is now an autonomous community with the Ebro River running through it.

    - The history of viticulture in my region dates back to the Phoenicians and Romans.

    - I am more commonly grown in my neighboring country under the name Carignan.