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  • Wine #1

    - I am from the Piedmont, but not the Virginia Piedmont.

    - In the 19th c., I was referred to as Nebbiolo Bianco.

    - My name translates to "little rascal".

  • Wine #2

    - I am a blend in a region established by the Romans.

    - You can find me across a series of villages in my valley.

    - I am not Châteauneuf-du-Pape, but I come from the same place.

  • Wine #3

    - In the 11th c., Benedictine monks began the cultivation of vines in my region.

    - I am made up of two very bold varietals - one juicy and jammy, and one dark and tannic.

    - My main varietal is the most grown grape in Uruguay, but the style in which I am made there is much softer than my French origins.