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Chateau Aiguilloux Corbieres Tradition

Chateau Aiguilloux Corbieres Tradition


  • Carignan, Grenache, Syrah


  • Corbières is a well-known wine appellation located in the Languedoc-Rousilllon region of southern France. It's one of the most popular and best in the area. The vineyards of Corbières produce red and rosé wines, as well as whites. The vine is cultivated at more than 400 meters altitude above the sea level at the foot of Mont Tauch, between Tuchan and Villeneuve des Corbières. The ideal climate of the grapevine provides the best quality grapes.
  • The estate takes its name from the Aiguillous, a small Languedoc stream that runs down the mountain to the borders of the vineyard.

Tasting Notes

  • Rich & savory. Balanced tannins and acidity with a delicate smoothness. The palate features loads of black and blue fruit, licorice, pepper, and silky oak notes. 


  • Lamb
  • Steak 
  • Duck
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