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La Selva Toscana Sangiovese Bianco

La Selva Toscana Sangiovese Bianco


  • 100% Sangiovese


  • LaSelva sits within the Maremma D.O.C. in the southern portion of Tuscany in a small town called Magliano, producing their phenomenal wines in an underground cellar built in 2000. Having started farming and vinifying in 1980 as a certified organic estate. LaSelva may arguably be the very first organic property with a certificate in all of Italy.

Tasting Notes

  • The Sangiovese Bianco is a one-of-a-kind white wine, as it is one of the only expressions of this classic local red varietal in white form. From younger vines, the Sangiovese grapes are immediately pressed off the skins in order to showcase only the fresh flesh of the fruit, without any imposing skin tannin or even color. Fermentation took place in stainless steel and then the wine rested there for another 6 months on the lees before a light filtration and bottling. The fresh and easy-drinking result is not only fantastic, clean, and zippy, but also a unique experience and great talking point; as it is just simply not ever done with this classic grape. 


  • Seafood
  • Hard cheese
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