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Alto Landron Sin Filtros Amphora White

Alto Landron Sin Filtros Amphora White


  • Grenache Blanc


  • Valencia, Spain
  • Owner & winemaker, Rosalia Molina, makes organic wines in one of Spain's highest altitude wineries. Her mission is to make wines that express the typicity of DO Manchuela: the vineyard, the altitude and the varieties planted.

    This is a climate on the edge of what is possible: at 1,100 metres above sea level, the grapes experience a large diurnal range that encourages even ripening and helps to retain natural acidity. Rosalia's vineyards are certified organic, she uses only natural fertilizers, promoting biodiversity by welcoming chickens, sheep and pigs from local farms to roam the vineyards freely. Grapes are hand harvested and vinified as naturally as possible with native yeasts and little other intervention. The wines are then aged in clay amphora and some in French oak to give texture and complexity.

  • Fermented in clay vessels called tinajas or amphoras, which are made by a local artisan with the same soil from the vineyards.

Tasting Notes

  • Sun-kissed color with deep amber hues, profound autumnal aromas, ripe apricots, almonds, notes of tangerine, citrus peel and a bit of dry grassiness, even though this wine has a sweet nose, it is absolutely dry in the mouth, has balanced acidity and complex tart fruitiness, deep flavors of dried mango, touch of fresh peach pie, earthy mineral, complex flavors and dry tannic finish.


  • Curry
  • TajineĀ 
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
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