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Terrae Palme Carignano Del Sulcis

Terrae Palme Carignano Del Sulcis


  • Carignano


  • Sardinia, Sulcis
  • Carignano Del Sulcis is from a small island called Isola di S’Antioco just off the west coast of the main island. Thanks to the distance from the mainland of Europe, this area was saved from phylloxera, so the vines are all on their original rootstock. 

Tasting Notes

  • Coming from vines ranging in age between 30 and 70 years old, the wine has an elegant ruby red color with intense aroma of wild berries and mediterranean herbs. This peculiar grape thrives near the coastline, rich in saltiness and mild climate.


  • Tuna
  • Duck 
  • Sardinian Pecorino Cheese
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